Our lighting designers provide unique, inspiring and continually evolving solutions which are changing many of the old methods of lighting.

Creating ambience and sense of space along with expression of architecture. Get in touch today!


With proper planning, light can augment the environment by careful use and interplay of light and space, light and form, light and surfaces, light and texture, light and colour and most importantly, light and people.
Lighting Design Advisor helps create a successful lighting scheme that enhances or reinterprets a space and enhances productivity.
Design Advisor also improves well being and dictates ambience.
Lighting Planning is a specialized job, which requires specific knowledge and experience. Techno’s Lighting Planners have enough experience in handling an array of big-small projects.
Techno Lighting Planners ensure the most efficient and cost effective lighting solution.

What we do

Our technical and creative consultants team aligns with your vision by addressing technical requirements, functionality, and budget.

Inception & Strategizing

We sit with you to understand your vision to develop lighting concepts, sketches, models and mock-ups. Everything will be based on your goals and budget.

Conceptualizing the Design

This phase helps both of us have a broader picture of what is about to come. To conceptualize your design, we take a close look at your vision and all possible constraints. Further showing you how our planned lighting will interact with your project’s design.


Our consultants will work hand in hand with your planners and architects to finalize the initial designs. All the lighting strategies, directions and mood boards come into the picture here.

Design Development & Finalization

We will work hand in hand on the detailed design. The finalization of the layouts, schedules and specifications are done. Our team and consultants will work with architects, contractors and manufacturers to ensure all the intricate details, specifications and design integrity.

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