Message from MD

Dear Customers,

TechnoLED has been able to stand strong since the past 9 years due to the immense and unconditional support which has been extended towards us by each every one of you.

Our journey together has been unforgettable and taking this opportunity to extend my gratitude towards all of you for endlessly supporting and trusting Techno LED, Your faith has helped us confidently move forward.

Keeping in mind the rising expectations of today customers we have geared up towards providing satisfaction by fulfilling them with utmost dedication. Observing the constant change in market trends and technology, our broad outlook and flexibility drives us to perform better.

Having provided only the best of what we promise i.e the best price, best quality, best delivery time & only the best lighting solutions. Our team has instilled a place in our customers hearts and a strong position in the Indian industry.

Lighting up lives in the most literal sense, LED is considered the green light of the electronic industry as it is cost-effective, power-saving, brighter environment-friendly. Having recognised the immense potential of LED we have shaped our manufacturing capabilities to accustom to the dynamic market yet not losing focus on our prime priority, our customers.

As an industry we all face challenges. However, our aim is to better our performance in order to provide satisfactory results to our customers. Stopping at nothing for achieving the same our mission is to make TechnoLED the leader in electronic manufacturing suppliers in India within the next five years. Focussing on areas of growth we are diversifying and will try evolving our existing product categories ranging from Lighting to Luminaries and more.

TechnoLED sees itself as becoming the leader not only in the nation but also worldwide in Electronic Manufacturing in the nearer future. This vision will keep us determined to establish the desired position in the market. We pledge to “perform to the fullest enabling us to serve you better.”

Mr. Saurabh Patel

Managing Director

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